This project will establish youth clubs in 3 villages , to enable youth to have free space for peace dialogue, voices raising, inter-communal sport, provides training to 900 youth on life skills and entrepreneurship, communication and leadership skills. Radio talks show and youth led peace community sensitization on peace building and Conflicts resolution in Bor and to reduce the level of tribal consciousness among the youth.


Youth idleness in Bor has fuel hate speech, inter-clan fighting, cattle raids ,tribe/clan consciousness leaving many people wounded, displaced in the recent attacks in jale payam, these youth are not educated, not employed , lack resilience skills leadership and communication. as they complaints, they are not engage in national planning, decision making and peace resolution process.Their voices is not heard, no youth center in, no skill support,This project will affect more than 1500 youth .


Narrative Hub will train youth with life skills and entrepreneurship, construct youth 3 clubs in three payams, trained them on leadership and advocacy, communication skills, peace education on radio talks shows, inter-sport and youth dialogue to reduce tribal/clan consciousness. aware the entire youth and youth are able to sensitize others youth to change their behavior and tribal consciousness stages among the other clans.

Long-Term Impact

300 youth are equips with skills and they are economically dependent, with the 3 Youth clubs established,youth leads in peace mediation, makes dialogues ,helping them to raise their voice , and take part in leadership which will prepare them them to participate in national planning and decision making. Tolerance among youth across culture enhanced, peaceful co-existence, and unity among clans and tribes improved.