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A socially, politically, and economically advanced society where there is dignity, justice and development.


To increase information sharing, accountability and sustainable income through community skills training, empowerment and participation in decision-making to alleviate suffering and enhance peace.

Our Values

Capacity Development for Sustainability

Narrative Hub believes that capacity building of the community, and its structures, and other formal and informal governance structures to manage and oversee stabilization and recovery processes is important and should be enhanced to increase civic participation. Narrative Hub is building community-based systems that will lead and oversee the implementation of projects at the community level. Narrative Hub provides technical assistance and training to assist both the relevant authorities and communities with a view to transferring technical and institutional knowledge and skill

Public Accountability and Accountability to Affected Population

Narrative Hub believes that citizens have a right to hold governments and institutions accountable, to expect them to respect their rights and do what they say they will do. Likewise, we believe that non-governmental organizations should be accountable to the communities in which they work, to their partner organizations, and to those from whom they receive support. Narrative Hub ensures that specific accountability practices are done to perfect information sharing and transparency, ensure beneficiary participation and to demonstrate Narrative Hub’s ability to receive and respond to feedback and complaints from beneficiaries and other disadvantaged groups within communities, partners and other stakeholders. Narrative Hub believes in community driven development and works closely with beneficiaries to set up project implementation committees nominated by the target beneficiaries that is composed majorly of beneficiaries.

Gender Mainstreaming

Narrative Hub ensures that gender considerations are included at all levels of the project cycle and is promoted within communities, including on an equitable distribution of community assets, ensuring access to basic services and lessening the double burden of care on women wherever possible. Worldwide good practice, however, has shown that whenever women are involved in coordination and decision-making, peace stands a better chance. Narrative Hub gives special attention to ensure the inclusion of women’s voices and ensure that women, while indeed vulnerable in many social and economic aspects, are not solely considered as such. Most activities have a strong focus on women and girls, particularly on skills development activities.


Narrative Hub is not a religious, political or a commercial organization; we are an organisation whose vision is to promote “Peace, Development and Community Empowerment for All” amongst communities facing poverty and suffering as a result of natural or man-made disasters. We are therefore fully committed to providing humanitarian, early recovery and development support to all communities irrespective of religion, gender, creed, political affiliatio

Community Empowerment and Commitment

Narrative Hub believes that given timely and appropriate support, all disaster affected communities have an inherent ability to pull themselves out of crises. Therefore, the approach adopted when implementing our programmes is fully participatory; in which ideas from the affected communities form the basic foundation of our planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all initiatives. We also expect full commitment to these values from our staff, partners and targeted beneficiaries.

Who we are.

We empower communities to meet through innovation, information sharing, participatory decision making, and protection of human dignity and respect to all.

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