Narrative Hub operates in Central Equatoria (Jubek, Yei, Terekeka and Wonduruba); Eastern Equatoria (Magwi, Ikwotos, Lafon, Torit and Nimule); Western Equatorial (Ezo, Maridi, Ebba and Yambio), Jonglei (Duk, Bor, Twic and Pigi). The following are the services provided in the areas of operations:


  1. Protection and Human Rights 
  • Protection (voice raising, SGBV, child protection, encouraging freedom of speech and expression)
  • Women rights and empowerment
  • Human rights and advocacy


  1. Peace and Good Governance 
  • Provision of access to justice and rule of law
  • Promotion of peace and human security
  • Enhancing civic education and civic engagement
  • Inclusion of youth in peace building


  1. Health and Nutrition
  • Provision of nutrition programs and awareness
  • Community awareness on immunization.
  • Provision of reproductive health education and awareness
  • HIV/AIDs awareness.


  1. Food Security and Livelihoods
  • Food systems and value chains
  • Post-harvest management
  • Provision of seeds and work tools distribution
  • Promotion of new agricultural techniques and skills training


  1. Education and WASH
  • Provision of access to education
  • Provision of access to safe water, and sanitation


  1. Cross-cutting and Essential Services
  • Provision of NFI to the returnees and IDPs.
  • Climatic change mitigation/adaptation, environmental conservation and natural resource management
  • Disaster management and mitigation